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Together they are striving to create and maintain a program and curriculum that allows every child and athlete under their roof to become the best version of themselves from walking age to Elite. (Every child is important)

Prior to their partnership Gaby's former athletes have earned all around Hopes Championship in 2 different age groups, Pre-Elite all around champion, TOP's A and B team members, individual event champions at Westerns and JO Nationals, qualified athlete to USA Gymnastics Championships and NCAA Gymnastics Scholarship Recipients

Steve Arkell is a USA and Canadian National Team Coach, he is currently a member of the USA National Staff, his personal athletes have competed and medaled internationally at the Spring Cup in Canada, Elite Championships of the USA , Combs La Ville International in France, Toyota International Cup in Japan, Top Gym in Belgium, Senior Pan Am Olympic Festival in Guadalajara, and Senior Pan American Championships in Ontario. Multiple National champions at Western National Championships, Level 10 National Championships, TOP's A and B team members and over 30 NCAA Division I Gymnastics Scholarship Recipients. 

He was also a personal consultant for 2 time Olympic qualifier Kate Richardson. Steve Has accrued  7 Coach of the year awards.

Since their partnership 5 years ago Steve and Gaby have directly coached National Champions at Level 9 Westerns, Level 10 Nationals , Hopes National Championships and coached the only Junior International Elite two time qualifier to USA Gymnastics Championships in the San Antonio area in over

15 years.

Together their athletes have earned full athletic scholarships to #1 Oklahoma,  #13 Mizzou and Committed to #1 UCLA and # 24 George Washington. 

We look forward to working with the youth in this great City of San Antonio. 


Steve and Gaby Arkell

 Meet Steve and Gaby Arkell

Owners and Head Coaches of Mavericks Gymnastics


Precina Fowler


Hunter Price​
Level 6 and 7 

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