Reopening Mavericks Gymnastics


4:30 pm

Mavericks Gymnastics will tentatively reopen on May 18th for team members and June 1st for Preschool, School age Classes and Summer Camp to a 25% capacity. In order to safely open our doors to the public we will strictly abide the following guidelines.

  • Before entering our facility any and all persons will have a touchless temperature taken. 

      Anyone with a temp will be sent home and not allowed to enter the facility. All entrants will then be              directed to a hand sanitizing station of which there will be many through the facility.


  • The number of parents who will be able to watch in person will be sharply reduced in order to maintain 6’ distancing in the upstairs viewing area and our 25% capacity limits. Parents will enter and go up the Lobby stairs. They will exit out the upstairs side exit and meet the athletes by the building side exit.

  • Downstairs viewing area is temporarily closed and will be used for drop off  only.

     We are working on Webcam viewing via zoom to allow parents to watch from home, at work or in their

     cars. More details on on-line viewing to follow.

  • We recommend a mask for adults in the facility but it is up to you as an individual. Athletes and coaches are welcome to wear masks based on personal preference as well.

  • Anyone Showing symptoms please stay at home and let our staff know.


  • The number of children in class will be reduced:

      School-age classes will be 5:1 max 

      Pre-school 4:1 max. 

  • All equipment will be disinfected on a daily basis and between rotations.

  • Groups will be staggered through the day in order to disinfect the gym equipment and keep a spotless facility.

  • We will not offer Open Gym or Birthday Parties for the foreseeable future. 

  • Mavericks will maintain the physical-distancing standard. The standard for parents is 6’. The minimum standard for students and teachers will be 6’ but most of the time it will be 10’​​

  • No hands-on spotting for at least the first month. We will then reevaluate.


  • Children will maintain their own training spaces as they proceed through stations and circuits.  We have clearly marked spaces all six feet or greater thought the facility.

  • All participants MUST wash their hands before rotating to their next event.


  • Our facility is already safely set up to A VERY HIGH STANDARD


  •  Competitive bars being 20’ apart


  •  Strap bars 13’ apart and our return bar stations will be place no closer than 8’ apart. 


  • All beams are a minimum of 6’ apart


  • Vault runways are 8’ apart 


We can not wait to have you back !

(210) 314 - 8668  (Recreational)  (Team only)

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